Intergenerational discipleship

ITNZ is supporting and encouraging Youth Pastors/Youth Ministry Leaders as they work with their people in the Great Commission.

Church – Camp – School Discipleship Opportunity

A particular focus is given to working with those Youth Ministry Leaders who recognise the strategic opportunities that arise when a local Church engages with a local School and facilitates children from that school to attend a Christian Camp that also has 16 to 18 year old
youth from the Church participating as Cabin Leaders.

It is generally acknowledged that 8 to 13 year olds are the most receptive group to the gospel in NZ today. Barna Research, Rise Ministries Canterbury and Te Mapua all speak of 30% to 40% of this age group responding to the Gospel..

The Vision

  • Youth Pastors are supported to engage with their local schools, encouraging students from that school to attend outreach camps where older, committed youth from their churches are cabin leaders.
  • to ensure cabin leaders are discipled… equipped to share the gospel… engaged in the children and intermediate activities of the church after camp providing a vehicle for ongoing discipleship.
  • Multi-level discipleship will be encouraged. Cabin leaders in turn would be discipled by a Team Leader(s) who encourages them to stay engaged with the campers and who visits the parents of the campers.
  • Training can also be provided for Team Leaders in the discipleship and equipping role they have with the Cabin Leaders from their Church.