Other resources

DISC Personality Profile

iTeams uses the DISC Biblical Personality Profile system with each short-term mission team we train. It is an invaluable tool to help team leaders and team members understand themselves and each other and how they will interact in a team setting. For those trained in how to use it, it can be purchased.

DISC Personality Profile | Our price $15 ($30rrp)

The Spiritual Journal

A Spiritual Journal designed for your short-term mission experience. The journal provides key scriptures for 7 days before, 21 days on-field and 7 days after your short-term mission as well as periodic Reflection Questions to help short-termers to process their experiences. It also shares the value of journaling and effective journaling techniques.

The Spiritual Journal | Our price $7.00

Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission

iTeams New Zealand seeks to abide by these seven standards for excellence in short-term mission.